Black to the Music - english version

R.I.P.  Larry Troutman (AUGUST 12th, 1944 / APRIL 25th, 1999)

R.I.P.  Roger Troutman (NOVEMBER 29th, 1951 / APRIL 25th,1999)

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  • Roger Troutmanlead and background vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, vibraphone, percussion, talk box
  • Larry Troutmanpercussion
  • Lester Troutmandrums
  • Terry “Zapp” Troutmanbass, keyboards, background vocals
  • Gregory Jacksonkeyboards, lead and background vocals
  • Bobby Gloverlead and background vocals
  • Eddie BarberOriginal member
  • Jannetta BoyceOriginal member
  • Jerome DerricksonOriginal member
  • Sherman FleetwoodOriginal member
  • Michael WarrenOriginal member
  • Shirley Murdock
  • Ray Davis
  • Michael “Slyde” Jennings
  • Robert Jones
  • Dale DeGroat
  • Aaron Blackmon (1984 – 1990)
  • Nicole Cottom
  • Bart Thomas
  • Ricardo Bray
  • Bigg Robb (from the early/mid 1990s – 2009)
  • Rhonda Stevens
  • Roger Troutman Jr. (died of head injury in 2003)
  • Thomas Troutman
  • Rufus Troutman III
  • Davis Brown (sound man)
  • Wanda Rash (vocalist)
  • Toika Troutman (vocalist)
  • Marchelle Smith (vocalist)
  • Eba Glover (vocalist)
  • Damien Black (Drummer)
  • Larry “Moogstar” Clemons
  • James Cameron (Saxophone) (died 2018)
Part. I - Zapp
1980 - Zapp
Black to the Music - 01 Zapp (1980) - Zapp

A1. More Bounce to the Ounce
A2. Freedom
A3. Brand New Player

B1. Funky Bounce
B2. Be Alright
B3. Coming Home

1982 - Zapp II
Black to the Music - 02 Zapp (1982) - II

A1. Dance Floor
A2. Playin’ Kinda Ruff
A3. Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)

B1. Do You Really Want An Answer
B2. Come On
B3. A Touch Of Jazz (Playin’ Kinda Ruff Part II)

1983 - Zapp III
Black to the Music - 03 Zapp (1983) - Zapp III

A1. Heartbreaker (Part I & II)
A2. I Can Make You Dance
A3. Play Some Blues

B1. Spend My Whole Life
B2. We Need The Buck
B3. Tut-Tut (Jazz)
B4. Doo Wa Ditty-Live (With introduction by Mo Ostin)

1984 - The New Zapp IV U
Black to the Music - 04 Zapp (1984) - The New Zapp IV U

A1. It Doesn’t Really Matter
A2. Computer Love
A3. Itchin’ For Your Twitchin’
A4. Radio People

B1. I Only Have Eyes For You
B2. Rock ‘N’ Roll
B3. Cas-Ta-Spellome
B4. Make Me Feel Good
B5. Ja Ready To Rock

1989 - Zapp V
Black to the Music - 05 Zapp (1989) - Zapp Vibe

A1. Ohh Baby, Baby
A2. I Play the Talkbox
A3. Stop That
A4. Fire
A5. Been This Way Before

B1. Back the Bass-Iks
B2. Jesse Jackson
B3. It Ain’t the Thing to Do
B4. Sad-Day Moaning
B5. Rock Star
B6. Jake E Stanstill

2003 - Zapp VI
Black to the Music - 06 Zapp (2002) - Zapp VI Back By Popular Demand

01. Intro
02. You’ve Got Mail
03. Say You Will Say You Won’t
04. I Wanna Love You
05. She’s ‘Bout to Roll
06. The Discussion
07. The Way You Walk and Move
08. If You Would Love Me
09. This Is Our Song to You
10. Be With You Forever
11. Late Night Fantasy
12. Zapp Is Back
13. Get Up Off the Wall
14. I Finally Found What I’ve Been Searching For

2018 - Zapp VII
Roger & Friends
Black to the Music - 07 Zapp (2018) - Zapp VII - Roger & Friends

A1. Rock Ya Body feat. Mr Talkbox
A2. Shy feat. Tuxedo
A3. Make It Funky feat. Bootsy Collins
A4. Zapp & Roger
A5. Appreciate You
A6. Red & Dollars feat. Roger Troutman & Snoop Dogg

B1. Angel feat. Roger Troutman
B2. Ms. Perfection feat. Alvin Garrett
B3. Bailando feat. Frankie J.
B4. Parking Lot
B5. Me & You
B6. After Party feat. Kurupt

Part. II - Roger Troutman
1984 - Wild Animal
Black to the Music - 08 Roger Troutman 1981 - The Many Facets Of Roger

A1. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
A2. So Ruff, So Tuff
A3. A Chunk Of Sugar

B1. Do It Roger
B2. Maxx Axe
B3. Blue (A Tribute To The Blues)

1984 - The Saga Continues
Black to the Music - 09 Roger Troutman 1984 - The Saga Continues

A1. In The Mix
A2. Play Your Guitar Brother Roger
A3. The Break Song
A4. I Keep Trying

B1. Midnight Hour
B2. Bucket Of Blood
B3. T.C. Song
B4. Girl Cut It Out

1987 - Unlimited
Black to the Music - 10 Roger Troutman 1987 - Unlimited

A1. I Want To Be Your Man
A2. Night And Day
A3. Been This Way Before
A4. Composition To Commemorate (May 30, 1918)
A5. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

B1. Thrill Seekers
B2. Tender Moments
B3. If You’re Serious
B4. Private Love
B5. I Really Want To Be Your Man
B6. Bedistgutarist-A-Rown

1991 - Bridging The Gap
Black to the Music - 11 Roger Troutman 1991 - Bridging The Gap

A1. (Everybody) Get Up
A2. Take Me Back
A3. Curiosity
A4. You Should Be Mine
A5. Hurry Up

B1. Break Trough
B2. Love Incorporated
B3. Victim Of Love
B4. Who-La-Boola
B5. Emotions

Part. III - Roger Troutman
& The Human Body
1976 - Introducing Roger (Truth Be Known)
Black to the Music - 12 Roger And The Human Body (1976) - Introducing Roger (Truth Be Known)

A1. Freedom (Parts 1 & 2)
A2. Truth Be Known
A3. Brother Lester
A4. Bearing Straight

B1. Nature’s Song
B2. Hey Mama
B3. Been This Way Before
B4. Take A Break

1984 - Make You Shake It

Black to the Music - 13 The Human Body (1984) - Make You Shake It

A1. Make You Shake It
A2. Tomorrow
A3. Keep Your Head Up
A4. Hit Me

B1. As We Lay
B2. Please Help Me Find Her
B3. There Is Nobody
B4. I Believe We Can

1985 - Cosmic Round Up

Black to the Music - 14 Human Body (1985) - Cosmic Round Up

A1. Cosmic Round Up
A2. Let Me Get You Wet
A3. Desire
A4. Can We Touch

B1. Everything
B2. Dx3-T18
B3. Gimme What You’ve Got
B4. Dreams

Part. IV - Bonus
2010 - Roger Revisited
Black to the Music - 15 Roger Troutman 2010 - Roger Revisited
- cd1

01. Roger Revisited – Intro
02. Man Man & Doggmaster – In The Mix
03. Sovan & Tchoi & Enois Scroggins – Doo Wa Ditty
04. Ahmed – Computer Love
05. M4K & Mo Cheez & Enois Scroggins – You’ve Got Mail
06. Stereo – Victim Of Love
07. Kra-Z Dogg – It Doesn’t Really Matter
08. Jboozket – So Ruff, So Tuff
09. EsPe – Take Me Back
10. Funkyvike – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
11. Filoucelli & Stereo – Dance Floor

- cd2

01. Man Man – I Can Make You Dance
02. Funkyames & EsPe – Chocolate City
03. Darvy – More Bounce To The Ounce
04. Stereo – Emotions
05. EsPe & Ahmed – Radio People
06. Ahmed – This Is Our Song To You
07. Rpiz – Heartbreaker

08. Stereo & Enois Scroggins – Nuthin’ But A Party
09. Filoucelli – Love Incorporated
10. EsPe – I Want To Be Your Man
11. Roger Revisited – Outro