The Time
Black to the Music - english version
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Morris Day (lead vocal), Jesse Johnson (guitar), Terry Lewis (bass),
James “Jimmy Jam” Harris
and Monte Moir (keyboards),
Jellybean Johnson
 (drums), Jerome Benton (dancer)

Harris, Moir and Lewis will be replaced by
Paul “St. Paul” PetersonMark Cardeas and Jerry Hubbard in 1984

Black to the Music - The Time 01
1981 - THE TIME
Black to the Music - Lp 1981 The Time

A1. Get It Up
A2. Girl
A3. After Hi School

B1. Cool
B2. Oh, Baby #2
B3. The Stick

Black to the Music - Lp 1982 What Time Is It

A1. Wild And Loose
A2. 777-9311
A3. One Day I’m Gonna Be Somebody

B1. The Walk
B2. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
B3. I Don’t Wanna Leave You

Black to the Music - Lp 1984 Ice Cream Castle

A1. Ice Cream Castle
A2. My Drawers
A3. Chili Sauce

B1. Jungle Love
B2. If The Kid Can’t Make You Come
B3. The Bird (live version)

Black to the Music - Lp 1990 Pandemonium

A1. Dreamland
A2. Pandemonium
A3. Sexy Socialites
A4. Jerk Out
A5. Yount
A6. Blondie
A7. Donald Trump (black version)
A8. Chocolat

B1. Cooking class
B2. Skillet
B3. It’s Your World
B4. Sometimes I Get Lonely
B5. Data Bank
B6. My Summertime Thang
B7. Pretty Little Women

Albums solo Morris Day
1985 - Color Of Success
Black to the Music - Morris Day - Lp 1985 Color Of Success

A1.1 Intro: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
A1.2 Color Of Success
A2 The Character
A3 The Oak Tree

B1 Love Sign
B2 Don’t Wait For Me
B3 Love / Addiction

1987 - Daydreaming
Black to the Music - Morris Day - Lp 1987 Daydreaming

A1. Daydreaming
A2. Yo Luv
A3. Fishnet
A4. A Man’s Pride

B1. Are You Ready
B2. Love Is A Game
B3. Moonlite (Passionlite)
B4. Sally

1992 - Guaranteed
Black to the Music - Morris Day - Lp 1992 Guaranteed

01. Gimme Whatcha Got
02. Circle Of Love
03. Deeper
04. My Special
05. Everlasting
06. Guaranteed
07. Angel Don’t
08. Changes
09. Meant To Be Together
10. Who’s That Girl

2004 - It's About Time

01 The Bird
02 Jungle Love
03 Gigolos Get Lonely Too
04 Cool
05 Ice Cream Castles
06 Get It Up / 777
07 Girl
08 Fishnet
09 Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed
10 In My Ride
11 Two Drink Minimum
12 Last Night

Albums solo Jesse Jackson
1986 - Shockadelica
Black to the Music - Jesse Johnson ‎- Lp 1986 Shockadelica

A1 Change Your Mind
A2 Crazay (featuring Sly Stone)
A3 Baby Let’s Kiss
A4 A Better Way
A5 Do Yourself A Favor

B1 She (I Can’t Resist)
B2 Addiction
B3 Tonite
B4 Burn You Up
B5 Black In America

1988 - Every Shade Of Love
Black to the Music - Jesse Johnson ‎- Lp 1988 Every Shade Of Love

A1 Love Struck
A2 So Misunderstood
A3 I’m The One
A4 Color Shock

B1 Every Shade Of Love
B2 Everybody Wants Somebody To Love
B3 I’m Just Wanting You
B4 Stop-Look-Listen

1996 - Bare My Naked Soul
Black to the Music - Jesse Johnson ‎- Lp 1996 Bare My Naked Soul

01 Jupiter Landing
02 Bare My Naked Soul
03 My Life
04 I Miss
05 Let Me In
06 You Don’t Love Me The Same
07 Walk Like Me Talk
08 Shock To The System
09 Cry Like The Skies
10 Brand New Day
11 War Babies
12 Mr. Heartache
13 Bella Bella
14 Bring Your Love Down Hard On Me
15 Monika
16 Nevermind Saturn Sunrise

2009 - Verbal Penetration
Black to the Music - Jesse Johnson ‎- Lp 2009 Verbal Penetration

1-1 V.P. Introduction
1-2 Verbal Penetration
1-3 Propaganda
1-4 U & I R We R Us
1-5 100 Watts Of Funky
1-6 Merciful
1-7 Don’t Throw Yourself Away
1-8 Slo Burnin
1-9 Sheila Rae
1-10 Love Letters
1-11 Dream Interlude
1-12 Slave 2 R Freedom
1-13 We Ain’t Going Nowhere Interlude
1-14 We R So Strong
1-15 Beautiful Sadie
1-16 Prologue

2-1 Intro
2-2 Get Next To You
2-3 Ali Vs Frazier
2-4 Redemption For The Soul, Enlightenment For The Earhole
2-5 Please Let Me Go
2-6 Meditation 01: Astrology
2-7 You Have A Friend
2-8 Reflections
2-9 Meditation 02: Self-Love
2-10 Letters From A Soldier (Reprise)
2-11 In The Key Of Nudity
2-12 V.P. Credits
2-13 Peace Be With You (Reprise)