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1969 - Kool And The Gang
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1969 Kool & The Gang

A1. Kool & The Gang
A2. Breeze & Soul
A3. Chocolate Buttermilk
A4. Sea Of Tranquility

B1. Give It Up
B2. Since I Lost My Baby
B3. Kool’s Back Again
B4. The Gangs Back Again
B5. Raw Hamburger

1971 - Live At Sex Machine
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1971a Live At The Sex Machine

A1. Medley: What Would The World Be Like Without
A2. Walk On By
A3. Chocolate Buttermilk
A4. Trying To Make A Fool Of Me
A5. Who’s Gonna Take The Weight Part 1 & 2

B1. Pneumonia
B2. Wichita Lineman
B3. I Want To Take You Higher
B4. Funky Man
B5. The Touch Of You

bonus track (cd only)
Kool it (Here Comes The Fuzz)

1971 - Live At P.J.'S
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1971b Live At P.J.'S

A1. N.T.
A2. Ricksonata
A3. Sombrero Sam
A4. Ronnie’s Groove

B1. Ike’s Mood
B2. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
B3. Lucky For Me
B4. Dujii

1972 - Music Is The Message
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1972a Music is the message

A1. Music Is The Message
A2. Electric Frog (Part 1)
A3. Electric Frog (Part 2)
A4. Soul Vibrations

B1. Love The Life You Live (Part 1)
B2. Love The Life You Live (Part 2)
B3. Stop, Look & Listen
B4. Blowin’ With The Wind
B5. Funky Granny

1972 - Good Times
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1972b Good Times

A1. Good Times
A2. Country Junky
A3. Wild Is Love
A4. North, East, South, West

B1. Making Merry Music
B2. I Remember John Coltrane
B3. Rated X
B4. Father, Father

1973 - Wild & Peaceful
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1973a Wild and Peaceful

A1. Funky Stuff
A2. More Funky Stuff
A3. Jungle Boogie
A4. Heaven At Once
A5. Hollywood Swinging

B1. This Is You, This Is Me
B2. Life Is What You Make It
B3. Wild And Peaceful

1974 - Light Of The Worlds
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1974 Light Of The Wolrds

A1. Street Corner Symphony
A2. Fruitman
A3. Rhyme – Tyme People
A4. Light Of Worlds

B1. Whiting H. & G.
B2. You Don’t Have To Change
B3. Higher Plane
B4. Summer Madness
B5. Here After

1975 - Spirit Of The Boogie
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1975 Spirit Of The Boogie

A1. Spirit Of The Boogie
A2. Ride The Rhythm
A3. Jungle Jazz
A4. Sunshine And Love
A5. Ancestral Ceremony

B1. Mother Earth
B2. Winter Sadness
B3. Caribbean Festival

1976 - Love & Understanding
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1976a Love Understanding

A1. Love & Understanding
A2. Sugar
A3. Do It Right Now
A4. Cosmic Energy

B1. Hollywood Swinging
B2. Summer Madness
B3. Universal Sound
B4. Come Together

1976 - Open Sesame
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1976b OpenSesame

A1. Open Sesame
A2. Gift Of Love
A3. Little Children
A4. All Night Long

B1. Whisper Softly
B2. Super Band
B3. L-O-V-E
B4. Sunshine

1977 - The Force
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1977 The Force

A1. A Place In Space
A2. Slick Superchick
A3. Just Be True
A4. The Force

B1. Mighty Mighty High
B2. Oasis
B3. Life’s A Song
B4. Free

1978 - Everybody's Dancin'
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1978 Everybody's Dancin'

A1. Everybody’s Dancin’
A2. Dancin’ Shoes
A3. Big Chief Funkum

B1. I Like Music
B2. You Deserve A Break Today
B3. At The Party
B4. Stay Awhile
B5. It’s All You Need
B6. Peace To The Universe

1979 - Ladie's Night
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1979 Ladie's Night

A1. Ladies’ Night
A2. Got You Into My Life
A3. If You Feel Like Dancin’

B1. Hangin’ Out
B2. Tonight’s The Night
B3. Too Hot

1980 - Celebrate!
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1980 Celebrate!

A1. Celebration
A2. Jones Vs. Jones
A3. Take It To The Top
A4. Morning Star

B1. Love Festival
B2. Just Friends
B3. Night People
B4. Love Affair

1981 - Something Special
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1981 Something Special

A1. Steppin’ Out
A2. Good Time Tonight
A3. Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)
A4. Be My Lady

B1. Get Down On It
B2. Pass It On
B3. Stand Up And Sing
B4. No Show

1982 - As One
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1982 As One

A1. Street Kids
A2. Big Fun
A3. As One
A4. Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho

B1. Let’s Go Dancin’ (Ooh La, La, La)
B2. Pretty Baby
B3. Think It Over

1983 - In The Heart
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1983 In The Heart

A1. In The Heart
A2. Joanna
A3. Tonight
A4. Rollin’
A5. Place For Us

B1. Straight Ahead
B2. Home Is Where The Heart Is
B3. You Can Do It
B4. September Love

1984 - Emergency
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1984 Emergency

A1. Emergency
A2. Fresh
A3. Misled
A4. Cherish

B1. Surrender
B2. Bad Woman
B3. You Are The One

1986 - Forever
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1986 Forever

A1. Victory
A2. I.B.M.C.
A3. Stone Love
A4. Forever

B1. Holiday
B2. Peace Maker
B3. Broadway
B4. Special Way
B5. God’s Country

1989 - Sweat
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1989 Sweat

A1. I Swet
A2. This Is What A Love Can Do
A3. Never Give Up
A4. You Got My Heart On Fire
A5. Someday

B1. Raindrops
B2. In Your Company
B3. I’ll Follow You Anywhere
B4. All She Wants To Do Is Dance
B5. How Can I Get Close To You
B6. You Are The Meaning Of Friend

1993 - Unite
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 1993 Unite

01. (Jump Up On The) Rhythm And Ride
02. I Think I Love You
03. Love Come Down
04. Pretty Little Sexy Miss
05. Better Late Than Never
06. Heart
07. My Search Is Over
08. Wkool
09. Summer
10. B. Ball
11. Brown
12. Give Right Now To You
13. State Of The Earth Address
14. The Weight
15. It’s Not Too Late
16. Show Us The Way To Love
17. Now Is The Time
18. Unite
19. Klassical Kool
20. God Will Find You
21. Spatial Relationships

1996 - State Of Affairs

Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang feat James T. Taylor - 1996 State Of Affairs

01. Salute To The Ladies
02. In The Hood
03. Color Line
04. Second Thoughts
05. Crabs In A Barrel
06. Woman, Lover, Friend
07. Game Of Love
08. 90’s News
09. Life In The 90’s
10. Friends
11. My Body
12. Reunited

2001 - Kool & The Gang Presents Gangland
Black to the Music - Kool & The Gang - 2001 Kool & The Gang Presents Gangland

01. Kool & The Gang with Da Prince Hakim – Bigg Thanks
02. Kool & The Gang – Mo Bigg Thangs (ft. II Saxxy)
03. Female – Blow Up
04. Kool & The Gang – Where Da Boogie At? (ft. Da Prince Hakim, R.O.C.)
05. Kool & The Gang – Turn It Out (ft. Asaph Womack, Da Prince Hakim)
06. Kool & The Gang – Jungle In My House (ft. FM, Rachid)
07. Too Hot Allstars – Money Makes The World Go Round (ft. Chad Live, R.O.C., Youngblood)
08. Too Hot Allstars – Ballin’ In Chilltown
09. Too Hot Allstars – That’s Right (ft. Da Prince Hakim, R.O.C.)
10. Too Hot Allstars – All My Time (ft. Chad Live)
11. SX4 – Early In The Morning
12. SX4 – Cherish
13. SX4 – Hit Me On The Hip
14. Reign – Goody Goody (ft. NEP)
15. Kool & The Gang – Concrete Jungle (ft. G Poetic)
16. Funk-Kin – Funk Done Gone Hip Hop
17. Kool & The Gang – Jazziacs At The Kool Jazz Café

bonus Japan version
18. SX4 – Early In The Morning (Red Rhythm 7 Inch Club Mix)

2007 - Still Kool

Black to the Music - 2007 Still Kool

01. Dave
02. Steppin’ Into Love
03. America
04. What’s Happening
05. Is What It Is
06. Everything’s Gonna Change
07. Too Low For Zero
08. Bang Bang With The Gang
09. Made For Love
10. Give It Up
11. Trust Me
12. Miracles
13. Livin’ In The 21
14. Sorry
15. Someone Like You
16. Sailing (Instrumental)

bonus cd
17. Medley : Celebration, Hollywood Swinging, Joanna, Summer Madness, Ladies Night

2013 - Kool For The Holidays
Black to the Music - 2013 Kool For The Holidays

01. Home For The Holidays
02. Joy To The World
03. Christmas Always
04. Let’s Rejoice (Christmas Is Here)
05. Christmas Tyme (The Perfect Time For Love)
06. Little Drummer Boy
07. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
08. Winter Wonderland
09. The Christmas Song
10. I Love The Holidays

Solo albums of James "T." Taylor
1989 - Master Of The Game
Black to the Music - J. T. Taylor - 1989 Master Of The Game

A1. Sister Rosa
A2. 8 Days A Week
A3. The House That Jack Built
A4. Bring Back The Night
A5. Master Of The Game

B1. Kiss My Face
B2. Lay Awake At Night
B3. Girl You’re Mine Now
B4. Romancia
B5. The Promised Land

1991 - Feel The Need
Black to the Music - J. T. Taylor - 1991 Feel The Need

A1. Long Hot Summer Night
A2. Feel The Need
A3. Work With Me
A4. Follow Me
A5. Let’s Make Love
A6. Heart To Heart (ft. Stephanie Mills)

B1. That’s My Girl
B2. Twice
B3. The Way That You Love Me
B4. One Night
B5. The Power Of Love
B6. Be My Lover Tonight

1993 - Baby I'm Back
Black to the Music - J. T. Taylor - 1993 Baby I'm Back

01. Baby I’m Back
02. Love Thing
03. Next 2 U
04. Dreamin’
05. You’ve Got The Flavor
06. Prove My Love
07. Some Kind Of Woman
08. I Wanna Know
09. Under My Wings
10. Feel The Need
11. Baby I’m Back (Acapiano)

2000 - A Brand New Me...
Black to the Music - J. T. Taylor - 2000 A Brand New Me...

01. A Brand New Me
02. Mr. Young (skit)
03. Church Girl
04. Don’t Wanna Think About It
05. Sweet Chocolate Baby
06. All I Want
07. Marry Me
08. Do You Know
09. Sex On The Beach (Hip-Hop 2000)
10. Rubber Neckin’
11. Crazy Boy
12. How
13. All Said And Done
14. Brand New
15. Sex On The Beach
16. New Millenium

Live in New Orleans