Welcome to the website of the radioshow
(funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, blues, gospel, afrobeat…)
brocasting on the webradios RapTz and Octopus

Black to the Music - webradio RapTzBlack to the Music - webradio Octopus

This website is a complement to the radioshow,
you can read at your own pace various high-quality articles,
in French and English,
on artists and groups, but also on some past and current labels stories.

The many biographies are accompanied by discographies, songs, videos …

On this website, you will also find the current season planning
as well as the radioshows podcasts.

Before being renamed BLACK TO THE MUSIC,
there were two radioshows: the Funky Soul story  and The Black Music Live.

The first was released in 2006, the second in 2013.
They were broadcast on various community radios and webradios:

. Radio Albigés (2006-2013)

. Unfamous Radiostenza (2013-2015)

. Radio R d’Autan (2015-2018)

. Radio RapTz (2016-présent)

. Radio Octopus (2020-present)

is produced by the Wesh Conexion association

Having grown up in the culture of Hip Hop,
I quickly made the bridge with black music which amply inspired rap.

Of course, it’s about the different funk and soul tracks
samples created by the pioneers of the hip hop movement,
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Afrika Bambaataa, Eric B. & Rakim, Public Enemy…
without forgetting jazz, which strongly influenced groups in the 90s

Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets

Eager to share my passion and my inspirations,
I got involved in a new challenge
through the broadcasting of a radio program.

After different personal approaches within radios,
I produced and directed my first radioshow in 2000: Total Funk.
(No need to dwell on the content of this one, the title speaks for itself)

Then in 2006, I found the structure and the spirit of the radioshow
I was looking for : the Funky Soul story.

Each season was an opportunity to develop it, in terms of duration and especially content.

A lot of funk and soul musics were highlights in the program at the beginning,
but Jazz has taken an increasingly large place.
Then blues and gospel mingled with it, not to mention boogaloo, afrobeat,
the countless sounds of New Orleans …

In 2013, I produced a new radioshow, in connection with the 1st: The Black Music Live,
broadcasting the concerts of artists or groups,
in order to live again these emotions, these energies.

These two radioshows lived on various community radios and webradios
mentioned in the introduction.

During the 2019/2020 season, I wanted to simplify the name of the program
for greater consistency.

Now the radioshow is called BLACK TO THE MUSIC,
always with a “live” version.

(I’ll let you guess the different possible references of the name)

The general idea is to keep the same formula by adding a few sections,
some weekly, others more random.


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