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R.I.P.   MARCH 20th, 2012

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In the early 1970s, Harry Mosco formed the now legendry funk-rock band, The Funkees. In search of greater opportunity and a wider audience, the group moved to London in 1973. Four years and two albums later they disbanded. Meanwhile, back in Nigeria, prominent businessman G.A.D. Tabansi was interested in getting into the music business, and signing the Funkees was his top priority. He traveled all the way to London to meet with the band only to find out they’d broken up. Tabansi returned home with no record deal.

Mosco had already formed a new group called Africanium with drummer/singer Willie Bestman. Later that same year (1977), they recorded an album at TMC Studios in London. It was originally intended for release by EMI, but instead, Mosco licensed the album, titled For You Specially, to Mr. Tabansi for release on his new label. In an attempt to make the album more commercially viable, it was released under the artist name Harry Mosco rather than Africanium (a largely unknown band). In an even further attempt to appeal to the masses, the word FUNKEES was printed on the cover to help consumers make the connection between Mosco and his former band.

Despite Tabansi’s attempts to capitalize on the success of Mosco’s previous recordings with The Funkees, For You Specially was released with very little commercial success. Undaunted by the poor sales of their first attempt, Tabansi and Mosco tried again and released Country Boy in 1978. It would go on to become one of the best-selling Nigerian records of all time. To this day, many people mistakenly credit Country Boy as Mosco’s first solo record. In fact, before his death in 2012, Mosco told Uchenna Ikonne (co-producer of For You Specially reissue) that he himself had forgotten all about For You Specially. Mosco did however recycle some of the songs from that album in releases during the 1980s.

Secret Stash Records is proud to present the first ever reissue of this rare Nigerian funk gem from one of the most influential musicians in the genre. Co-produced by Uchenna Ikonne (Brand New Wayo, Who Is William Onyebar?), this reissue has been lovingly remastered and meticulously restored.

source : Secret Stash Records
1977 - For You Specialy
(re-edit 2014)
Black to the Music - Harry Mosco - 1977 - For You Specialy

A1. Wasting My Time (Loving You)
A2. Usassa Funk

A3. Consolation


B1. Ada Uka

B2. It Ain’t Easy
B3. Sweet Loving Girl

1978 - Country Boy

Black to the Music - Harry Mosco - 1978 - Country Boy

1979 - Peace & Harmony

Black to the Music - Harry Mosco - 1979 - Peace & Harmony
1982 - Sugar Cane Baby
Black to the Music - Harry Mosco - 1982 - Sugar Cane Baby

A1. Sugar Cane Baby

A2. Step On
A3. If Only I Could Fly


B1. Happy Birthday

B2. Sexy Dancer
B3. Don’t Say No

1983 - Heartbreak