Fontella Bass

R.I.P.  3 juillet 1940   –   26 décembre 2012

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Albums solo
1966 - The New Look
Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 01 The New Look (1966)

A1. Our Day Will Come
A2. How Glad I Am
A3. Oh No, Not My Baby
A4. Rescue Me
A5. Gee Whiz
A6. I’m A Woman

B1. Since I Fell For You
B2. Impossible
B3. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
B4. Soul Of The Man
B5. Come And Get These Memories
B6. I Know

1972 - Free
Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 02 Free (1972)

A1. To Be Free
A2. Hold On This Time
A3. I Want Everyone To Know
A4. I Need To Be Loved
A5. Talking About Freedom

B1. I Need Love
B2. Wiping Tears
B3. Now That I’ve Found A Good Thing
B4. Who You Gonna Blame
B5. My God, My Freedom, My Home

1995 - No Ways Tired
Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 03 No Ways Tired (1995)

01. The Light of My World
02. You Dont Know What the Lord Told Me
03. No Ways Tired
04. Everlasting Arms
05. What the World Needs Now
06. All My Burdens
07. I Surrender All
08. Lean on Me
09. This Place I Call Home
10. This Little Light of Mine
11. I Must Tell Jesus

2001 - Travellin'
(with The Voices Of St. Louis)
Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 04 Travellin' (2001)

01. Mandela
02. Travellin’
03. It’s Alright Now
04. Special Lady
05. Walk With Me
06. Waiting
07. Round & Round
08. DB Blues
09. In The Garden
10. Thank You Lord

Avec d'autres artistes et groupes

1971 – Art Ensemble Of Chicago with Fontella Bass

Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 05 Art Ensemble Of Chicago (1971)

A. Part One « How Strange » – Part Two « Ole Jed » (21’52)

B. « Horn Web » (19:36)

1980 – From The Root To The Source (Martha Bass, Fontella Bass, David Peaston)

Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 06 From The Root To Source (1980)

A1. Something Down Inside Of Me
A2. He Touched Me
A3. The Whole World In His Hands
A4. I Feel A Change

B1. I’m So Grateful
B2. God Is So Good To Me
B3. In The Garden
B4. God Has Smiled On Me

1994 – Breath Of Life
(World Saxophone Quartet with Fontella Bass)

Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 07 World Saxophone Quartet With Fontella Bass – Breath Of Life (1994)

01. Jest A Little
02. Cairo Blues
03. Suffering With The Blues
04. You Don’t Know Me
05. Picasso
06. Song For Camille
07. Breath Of Life
08. Deb

1999 – Speaking In Tongues
(David Murray & Fontella Bass)

Black to the Music - Fontella Bass - 08 David Murray Featuring Fontella Bass -– Speaking In Tongues (1999)

01. How I Got Over
02. Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen
03. Jimane’s Creation
04. Missionary
05. Don’t Know What I Would Do
06. Amazing Grace
07. Blessed Assurance
08. A Closer Walk With Thee

Tribute To Fontella Bass

Tracklist : Don’t Jump, Rescue Me, I Surrender, Recovery, Sweet Lovin’ Daddy, You’re Gonna Miss Me.