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Created in 1992 and formed by Evidence, Rakaa and Dj Babu,
this group is part of the underground scene of Los Angeles,
within the Likwit Crew collective
with artists and groups such as Defari, The Alkaholiks, Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia…

1995 - Imagery, Battle Hymns and Political Poetry
Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 1995 - Imagery, Battle Hymns and Political Poetry

01. I Ain’t The One
02. Huh Haa! (feat. Redman)
03. It All Comes Down To This
04. Dilated Peoples
05. Forward Motion
06. Straight Hip-Hop
07. What Are We Supposed To Do?
08. Cool City Slicker
09. Devastation
10. I Want It All
11. Goin’ For Broke (feat. Xzibit)
12. Freestyle

2000 - The Platform

Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 2000 - The Platform

A1. So May I Introduce To You
A2. The Platform
A3. No Retreat (feat. B-Real)
A4. Guaranteed

B1. Right On (feat. The Alkaholiks)
B2. The Man Event
B3. Service
B4. Ear Drums Pop

C1. Years In The Making
C2. Annihilation
C3. Expanding Man
C4. The Last Line

D1. Triple Optics
D2. The shape Of Things To Come (feat. Aceyalone)
D3. Work The Angels
D4. Ear Drums Pop remix (feat. Defari, Phil Da Agony & White E. Ford)

2001 - Expansion Team

Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 2001 - Expansion Team

A1. Live On Stage
A2. Worst Comes To Worst
A3. Clockwork

B1. Trade Money
B2. Heavy Rotation (feat. The Liks)
B3. Self Defense

C1. Phil Da Agony Interlude
C2. Proper Propaganda
C3. Dilated Junkies (feat. J-Rocc, Melo-D & Rhettmatic)

D1. Panic
D2. Pay Attention
D3. Night Life

E1. War
E2. Hard Hitters (feat. Black Thought)

F1. Defari Interlude
F2. Expansion Team Thema

2004 - Neighborhood Watch
Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 2004 - Neighborhood Watch

A1. Marathon
A2. Neighborhood Watch

B1. Tryin’ To Breathe
B2. Caffeine

C1. Who’s Who
C2. Poisonous (feat. Devin The Dude)

D1. Reach Us
D2. Big Business
D3. Love And War

E1. J-Rocc / 1580 Skit
E2. World On Wheels
E3. Closed Session (feat. Defari, Phil Da Agony & Planet Asia)

F1. This Way (feat. Kanye West)
F2. Dj Babu In Deep Concentration

2006 - 20/20
Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 2006 - 20-20

A1. Green Trees (feat. Dr. Greenthumb)
A2. Back Again
A3. You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run
A4. Alarm Clock Music

B1. Olde English (feat. Defari)
B2. Kindness For Weakness (feat. Talib Kweli)
B3. Another Sound Mission

C1. Rapid Transit (feat. Krondon)
C2. The Eyes Have It
C3. Satellite Radio

D1. Firepower
D2. The One And Only
D3. 20/20

2007 - The Release Party
Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 2007 - The Release Party

01. The Release Party
02. Spit It Clearly (feat. The Alchimist)
03. Mr. Slow Flow -rmx- (feat. PMD)
04. Rakaa & Babu – Expansion Team Soundsystem
05. Old English -rmx- (feat. Defari)
06. Evidence – Hot And Cold -rmx- (feat. Casual)
07. The Eyes Have It -rmx-

2014 - Directors Of Photography
Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - Lp 2014 - Directors Of Photography

A1. Intro
A2. Directors
A3. Cut My Teeth
A4. Defari Interlude

B1. The Dark Room (feat. Vince Staples)
B2. Good As Gone
B3. Show Me The Way (feat. Aloe Blacc)
B4. Figure It Out (Melvin’s Theme)

C1. Let Your Thoughts Fly Away (feat. Catero)
C2. Century Of The Self
C3. @mrevidence Interlude
C4. The Reversal

D1. Opinions May Vary (feat. Gangrene)
D2. Trouble
D3. L.A. River Drive (feat. Sick Jackson)
D4. The Bigger Picture (feat. Krondon)

bonus cd/mp3

– Times Squared
– Hallelujah (feat. Fashawn, Rapsody, Domo Genesis, Vinnie Paz & Action Bronson)

Albums and productions of the group' members
Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - 01 Evidence
Dj Babu
  • 01. So may i introduce to you by Dilated Peoples
  • 02. Worst Comes To Worst by Dilated Peoples
  • 03. Work The Angles by Dilated Peoples
  • 04. World On Wheels by Dilated Peoples
  • 05. The Platform by Dilated Peoples
  • 06. The Main Event by Dilated Peoples
  • 07. Reach Us by Dilated Peoples
  • 08. Thieves by Dilated Peoples
  • 09. Back Again by Dilated Peoples
  • 10. Letyourselfgo (feat The Alchemist & Phonte) by Evidence
  • 11. Right And Exact by Dilated Peoples
  • 12. Love and War by Dilated Peoples
  • 13. Certified Official (feat Dilated Peoples) by Domingo
  • 14. You by Dilated Peoples
  • 15. You Cant Hide, You Cant Run by Dilated Peoples
  • 16. All Said & Done (feat Kobe) by Evidence
  • 17. Ear Drums Pop by Dilated Peoples
  • 18. Copenhagen Claimin Respect by Dilated Peoples
  • 19. Years In The Making by Dilated Peoples
  • 20. The Platform (remix) by Dilated Peoples
  • 21. Amsterdam by Dilated Peoples
  • 22. Self Defense by Dilated Peoples
  • 23. Kindness for Weakness by Dilated Peoples
  • 24. Live on Stage by Dilated Peoples
  • 25. Clockwork by Dilated Peoples
  • 26. This Way (feat Kanye West) by Dilated Peoples
  • 27. Search For Bobby Fisher by Dilated Peoples
  • 28. Trade Money by Dilated Peoples
  • 29. The Epilogue by Dilated Peoples
  • 30. Mr Slow Flow (remix) by Evidence
  • 31. The Coast by Dilated Peoples
  • 32. Casualties Of Tour by Dilated Peoples
  • 33. Good As Gone by Dilated Peoples
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Black to the Music - Dilated Peoples - 09
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