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R.I.P.  JULY 4th, 1938  –  MARCH 30th, 2020

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1971 - Just As I Am
Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1971 Just As I Am

A1. Harlem
A2. Ain’t No Sunshine
A3. Grandma’s Hands
A4. Sweet Wanomi
A5. Everybody’s Talkin’
A6. Do It Good

B1. Hope She’ll Be Happier
B2. Let It Be
B3. I’m Her Daddy
B4. In My Heart
B5. Moanin’ And Groanin’
B6. Better Off Dead

1972 - Still Bill
Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1972 Still Bill

A1. Lonely Town, Lonely Street
A2. Let Me In Your Life
A3. Who Is He (And What Is He To You)
A4. Use Me
A5. Lean On Me

B1. Kissing My Love
B2. I Don’t Know
B3. Another Day To Run
B4. I Don’t Want To You On My Mind
B5. Take It All In And Check It All Out

1972 - Live At Carnegie Hall
Black to the Music - Bill Withers - Live At Carnegie Hall

A1. Use Me
A2. Friend Of Mine
A3. Ain’t No Sunshine
A4. Grandma’s Hands

B1. World Keeps Going Around
B2. Let Me In Your Life
B3. Better Off Dead
B4. For My Friend

C1. I Can’t Write Left-handed
C2. Lean On Me
C3. Lonely Town, Lonely Street
C4. Hope She’ll Be Happier

D1. Let Us Love
D2. Harlem

1974 - +'Justments
1975 - Making Music, Making Friends
1976 - Naked & Warm
Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1974 +'Justments

A1. You
A2. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
A3. Stories
A4. Green Grass
A5. Ruby Lee

B1. Heartbreak Road
B2. Can We Pretend
B3. Liza
B4. Make A Smile For Me
B5. Railroad Man

Black to the Music - Bill Withers - Making music

A1. I Wish You Well
A2. The Best You Can
A3. Make Love To Your Mind
A4. I Love You Dawn
A5. She’s Lonely

B1. Sometimes A Song
B2. Paint Your Pretty Picture
B3. Family Table
B4. Don’t You Want To Stay
B5. Hello Like Before

Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1976 Naked & Warm

A1. Close To Me
A2. Naked And Warm (Heaven! Oh! Heaven!)
A3. Where You Are
A4. Dreams

B1. If I Don’t Mean You Well
B2. Ill Be With You
B3. City Of The Angels
B4. My Imagination

1977 - Menagerie
1978 - 'Bout Love
1985 - Watching You, Watching Me
Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1977 Menagerie

A1. Lovely Day
A2. I Want To Spend The Night
A3. Lovely Night For Dancing
A4. Then You Smile At Me

B1. She Wants To (Get On Down)
B2. It Ain’t Because Of Me Baby
B3. Tender Things
B4. Wintertime
B5. Let Me Be The One You Need

Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1978 Bout love

A1. All Because Of You
A2. Dedicated To The One I Love
A3. Don’t It Make It Better
A4. You Got The Stuff

B1. Look To Earch Other For Love
B2. Love
B3. Love Is
B4. Memories Are That Way

Black to the Music - Bill Withers - 1985

A1. Oh Yeah!
A2. Something That Turns You on
A3. Don’t Make Me Wait
A4. Heart In Your Life
A5. Watching You, Watching Me

B1. We Could Be Sweet Lovers
B2. You Just Can’t Smile It Away
B3. Steppin’ Right Along
B4. Whatever Happens
B5. You Try To Find A Love

The Black Music Live 60 - Bill Withers (Live at Carnegie Hall - 1972)
  • Black to the Music - radioshow The Black Music Live #60 with Bill Withers, live at the Carnegie Hall (1972)Use Me
  • Friend Of Mine
  • Ain’t No Sunshine
  • Grandma’s Hands
  • World Keeps Going Around
  • Let Me In Your Life
  • Better Off Dead
  • For My Friend
  • I Can’t Write Left-handed
  • Lean On Me
  • Lonely Town, Lonely Street
  • Hope She’ll Be Happier
  • Let’s Us Love
  • Harlem