Ann Peebles
Black to the Music - english version
APRIL 27th, 1947
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1969 - This is Ann Peebles
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1969 – This Is Ann Peebles

A1. Give Me Some Credit
A2. Crazy About You Baby
A3. Make Me Yours
A4. My Man-He’s A Lovin’ Man
A5. Solid Foundation
A6. Chain Of Fools

B1. It’s Your Thing
B2. Walk Away
B3. Rescue Me
B4. Won’t You Try Me
B5. Steal Away
B6. Respect

1971 - Straight from the Heart
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1971a – Straight From The Heart

A1. Slipped, Tripped And Fell In Love
A2. Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness
A3. What You Laid On Me
A4. How Strong Is A Woman
A5. Somebody’s On Your Case

B1. (I Feel Like) Breaking Up Somebody’s Home Tonight
B2. I’ve Been There Before
B3. I Pity The Fool
B4. 99 Pounds
B5. I Take What I Want

1971 - Part Time Love
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1971b – Part Time Love

A1. Part Time Love
A2. I’ll Get Along
A3. I Still Love You
A4. Make Me Yours
A5. It’s Your Thing

B1.Generation Gap Between Us
B2. Crazy About You Baby
B3. Give Me Some Credit
B4. Steal Away
B5. Solid Foundation

1974 - I Can't Stand the Rain
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1974 – I Can’t Stand The Rain

A1. I Can’t Stand The Rain
A2. Do I Need You?
A3. Until You Came Into My Life
A4. (You Keep Me) Hangin’ On
A5. Run, Run, Run

B1. If We Can’t Trust Each Other
B2. A Love Vibration
B3. You Got To Feed The Fire
B4. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
B5. One Way Street

1975 - Tellin' It
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1975 – Tellin’ it

A1. Come To Mama
A2. I Don’t Lend My Man
A3. I Needed Somebody
A4. Stand By Woman
A5. It Was Jealousy

B1. Doctor Love Power
B2. You Can’t Hold A Man
B3. Beware
B4. Put Yourself In My Place
B5. Love Played A Game

1977 - If this is Heaven
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1977 – If This Is Heaven

A1. If This Is Heaven
A2. A Good Day For Lovin’
A3. I’m So Thankful
A4. Being Here With You
A5. Boy I Gotta Have You

B1. When I’m In Your Arms
B2. You Gonna Make Me Cry
B3. Games
B4. Lovin’ You WIthout Love
B5. It Must Be Love

1978 - The Handwriting's on the Wall
Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1978 – Handwriting Is On The Wall

A1. Old Man With Young Ideas
A2. Bip Bam Thank You Mam
A3. The Handwriting Is On The Wall
A4. I Didn’t Take Your Man
A5. You’ve Got The Papers (I’ve Got The Man)

B1. Lookin’ For A Lovin’
B2. You’re What I Need (But More Than I Can Stand)
B3. Livin’ In, Lovin’ Out
B4. If I Can’t See You
B5. Let Your Love Light Shine

1989 - Call Me

Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1989 - Call Me

A1. Call Me
A2. Buckle Up
A3. Didn’t We Do It
A4. Your Well’s Gone Dry
A5. One Bad Turn

B1. I Found Somebody New
B2. If You’re Going To Leave
B3. I Like A Man
B4. I Won’t Let Your Heart Roam

1992 - Full Time Love

Black to the Music - Ann Peebles - 1992 – Full Time Love

01. Bouncin’ Back
02. St. Louis Woman (With a Memphis Melody)
03. Read Me My Rights
04. Full Time Lover
05. Fear No Evil
06. Nobody But You
07. Ain’t No Business Like Your Business
08. Miss You
09. Just You Just Me
10. He’s My Superman
11. I Can’t Stand the Rain (new version)

1996 - Fill This World With Love

01. I’m Yours
02. Fill This World With Love
03. When I’m Over You
04. Stand Up
05. Friends
06. I Don’t Think That I Can Last Tonight
07. Medley: Fired Up
08. Walk Away
09. Give Me Some Credit Where It’s Due
10. I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love11 I Pity the Fool
12. Bip Bam Thank You Ma’am
13. 99 Pounds
14. One Way Street
15. I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For One Moment I’ve Spent With You